Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Nearly 20% of tenants couldn’t pay full rent during at least one of the past three months

According to a survey of 40,000 renters by Apartment List, one major factor is the rising price of US rentals as demand continues to outpace supply. Even among households earning more than $60,000 a year, 8.8% said they failed to pay their full rent recently, a figure that jumped to 27.5% for those earning up to $30,000 a year. (Bloomberg)


Mice Are Evolving to Survive Life in New York City 

Some of New York’s smaller, hairier residents—its mice—seem to be adapting to the city in a similar way, evolutionary. A team of scientists analyzed the genomes of white-footed mice captured in New York and New York-adjacent parks to see whether they’d evolved given the pressures of city life. It turns out that the urban critters have probably been adapting, genetically, to their new city diets. The researchers gathered 24 mice from across three city locations, including Central Park, the New York Botanical Gardens, and Flushing Meadows. They found another 24 rural mice which instead came from state parks in New York’s Hudson Valley, the Northeastern end of Long Island, and the Kittatinny Mountains in New Jersey. The researchers then extracted, sequenced, and analyzed genetic material from the rodent’s livers and compared them. They found that there was less genetic diversity in the city mice than in the rural mice in general. The scientists also noticed some slight changes to some specific genes dealing with the mice digestion in the city dwellers. Basically, these findings raise the possibility that the mice have been evolving based on their lower quality but more plentiful urban diet. The paper’s first author thinks it could be pizza and cheeseburgers, but its other author thinks it’s more likely a difference in the availability of certain kinds of plants and insects. (GizModo)


Burglar gets prison for taking $1, plant he confused for pot

A Pennsylvania man who stole $1 and a houseplant he thought was marijuana during a series of break-ins in March has been sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. The 21-year-old man was sentenced recently to 7½ to 15 years after pleading guilty in August to robbery and three counts of burglary. Police say Rosado broke into Jabber Jaws Bar & Grille in Allentown. Police say the manager confronted the thief but backed off when he pointed a gun at him, and then made off with a keepsake dollar. From there, police say the man broke into a house and left with a plant. Officers say he then threatened a woman with his gun before taking her purse. He was arrested shortly afterward. (Yahoo)


Superhero defends the greatness of Whataburger on Halloween

She fights for truth, fairness and chorizo burgers. Her drink cup wristbands may not stop bullets, but she can nonetheless defend the world (or Texas, at least) against the threat of curly fries. She is — Whatawoman! Well, her real name is Renee Fujii, and she is taking social media by storm and drawing stares of affection on the streets of Fort Worth with a Halloween costume that pays tribute to Whataburger, her favorite fast food restaurant. Fujii combined the crime-fighting spirit of Wonderwoman and the deliciousness of the famous, Texas-based hamburger chain. Fujii said she got the idea for the costume during the summer, when she was visiting her father and uncle. At the time, she was wearing a Wonderwoman T-shirt, and her dad mistakenly thought it was a Whataburger shirt. The costume is entirely homemade:

  • The boots are from Goodwill, and painted Whataburger orange.
  • Large drink cups from a Fort Worth Whataburger restaurant serve as her legging armor.
  • Her wrist bands are foam coffee cups.
  • The tiara on her forehead is a re-purposed apple pie container.
  • The skirt is a tennis skirt with french fry and chicken strip containers glued to them.
  • Her shield is made from a platter found at Goodwill, and a Whataburger plastic to-go bag.

Renee Fujii says she likes the restaurant’s biscuits and gravy and taquitos for breakfast. The rest of the day, she likes a Whataburger with cheese, letttuce, mustard and mayo and fries with ketchup. She also likes the chicken strips. (Star Telegram)


Judge blocks transgender military ban

A federal judge in Washington on Monday blocked President Donald Trump from banning transgender people from serving in the U.S. military. The Trump administration argued that transgender people might harm military unit cohesion and that they suffer medical conditions that could limit their ability to perform duties or deploy. The judge said the military previously commissioned a study that debunked concerns about unit cohesion, military readiness, or healthcare costs related to transgender troops. That report estimated there were 2,450 active-duty service members and 1,510 in the military reserves. Other suits also have been filed against Trump’s ban. (Reuters)


Facebook Says Russian-Backed Election Content Reached 126 Million Americans

An estimated 126 million Americans, roughly one-third of the nation’s population, received Russian-backed content on Facebook during the 2016 campaign, according to prepared testimony the company submitted Monday to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The testimony by Facebook’s general counsel, Colin Stretch, was submitted to the Judiciary Committee ahead of a hearing with executives from Facebook, Google and Twitter. The hearing is part of the congressional inquiry into Russia’s use of these platforms to try to influence last year’s U.S. presidential election. Underscoring how widely content on the social media platform can spread, Facebook says in the testimony that while some 29 million Americans directly received material from 80,000 posts by 120 fake Russian-backed pages in their own news feeds, those posts were “shared, liked and followed by people on Facebook, and, as a result, three times more people may have been exposed to a story that originated from the Russian operation.” (NBC News)


Women rescued on sailboat had emergency beacon but never used it

The U.S. Coast Guard said Monday that two Hawaii women who were lost at sea for five months had an emergency beacon aboard their sailboat that was never activated. U.S. Coast Guard review of the incident and subsequent interviews with the survivors revealed that they had the Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) aboard but never turned it on. When asked if the two had the radio beacon aboard, the women admitted they had a number of other communications devices, but they didn’t mention the EPIRB. The device communicates with satellites and sends locations to authorities. It’s activated when it’s submerged in water or turned on manually. During the post-incident debriefing by the Coast Guard, Jennifer Appel, who was on the sailboat with Tasha Fuiava, was asked if she had the emergency beacon on board. Appel replied she did, and that it was properly registered. “We asked why during this course of time did they not activate the EPIRB. She had stated they never felt like they were truly in distress, like in a 24-hour period they were going to die,” said Coast Guard spokeswoman Petty Officer 2nd Class Tara Molle. The Coast Guard made radio contact with a vessel that identified itself as the “Sea Nymph” in June near Tahiti, and the captain said they were not in distress and expected to make land the next morning. That was after the women reportedly lost their engines and sustained damage to their rigging and mast. Experts say some of the details of the women’s story do not add up. (Las Vegas Review Journal)



Wednesday Brings Forth These Reasons Why Today Is Special:

*All Saints’ Day
*Autistic Speaking Day
*Birth of Baha’U’Llah
*Birth of The Bab
*Hockey Mask Day
*Dia de Los Muertos (Day of The Dead)
*Extra Mile Day
*Give Up Your Shoulds Day
*International Stress Awareness Day (First Wednesday)
*National Authors’ Day
*National Brush Day
*National Calzone Day
*National Deep Fried Clams Day
*National Family Caregiver Day
*National Family Literacy Day
*National Go Cook For Your Pets Day
*National Vinegar Day

*Stress Awareness Day (First Wednesday)
*Prime Meridian Day
*World Vegan Day

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