Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It’s a jungle in there

A Houston mother is facing charges of child endangerment after investigators discovered a whole menagerie of exotic animals in her home ― including three tigers. Besides the tigers, Houston Police Department officers said they saw several other wild animals, including a cougar, a skunk and a fox, roaming freely in the home. The woman was arrested for child endangerment after officials found tigers roaming freely in the Cypress, Texas, home she shares with her 14-year-old daughter. Investigators said they discovered her alleged private zoo in September while looking into the theft allegations. They said when they entered the home, they saw Meyer’s daughter playing with the tigers. The mom admitted to police that the tigers were old enough to be dangerous and kill and that the monkeys could also be vicious. They were renting the home from property owner who was apparently unaware she had turned the home into a zoo until police contacted him. She has been charged with child endangerment and is being held on a $2,000 bail in Nevada’s Nye County Jail. She is also facing felony theft charges for the Savannah cat that she never delivered to the prospective buyer. (Click 2 Houston)


Child abuse likely worst case police have ever dealt with

This is likely one of the worst cases of infant abuse that Wentzville, MO police have ever dealt with. A six-week-old began to cry. The infant’s father couldn’t deal with it, so he shoved his fingers down the baby’s tiny throat trying to reach the boy’s larynx to stop the crying while the child’s mother stood by and watched with no attempt to stop the abuse. The father also threw the baby onto a bed, violently shook him, and picked him up by the back of the neck. The abuse happened at the couple’s apartment as a roommate living witnessed the abuse, but has not been charged. The baby is hospitalized at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital with a number of critical injuries, including broken bones, possible liver contusions, and bleeding on the brain. Doctors don’t expect the child to survive. If he does, he will have severe physical and mental disabilities. Both parents have been charged with abuse, neglect, and causing serious emotional or physical injury. The father is being held on a $500,000 cash only bond. The mother’s cash only bond is set at $250,000. (Fox 2 St. Louis)


Woman live streams herself harassing Cedar Rapids officers wearing black bands

A 65 year-old woman live-streamed herself harassing Iowa police officers at a Cedar Rapids cafe on November 6th, just days after two Des Moines officers were shot and killed while sitting in their squad cars. In the video, the woman is standing in Brewhemia cafe and mentions the black band around the officer’s badge (FYI:A black band around a badge signifies mourning for officers who have lost a fellow officer in the line of duty). She begins the video by pointing out the female officer’s badge, and alludes to the police-involved shooting of Jerime “Danky” Mitchell, a 37-year-old who was shot by a Cedar Rapids officer on November 2nd following a traffic stop. Throughout the video, the woman taunts officers and refuses to step outside. She had been asked to leave by the cafe’s owners, but refused. The officer then gives her a verbal trespass warning on camera she continues to taunt both officers and the cafe attendant, she tells the officer, “Don’t pretend like you serve and protect, you b***h… out of my way, popo.” Court records show that a 65-year-old lady has been ordered to pay fines in Iowa for at least four counts of disorderly conduct, two counts of interference with official acts and one count of trespass. (WQAD TV)


Your Quiet Car Isn’t Loud Enough

Electric and hybrid vehicles can be eerily quiet at low speeds, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration believes it’s a safety problem. Starting in 2019, the NHTSA will require all new electric and hybrid light-duty vehicles to make noise at speeds below 19 miles an hour to alert pedestrians they’re there. (NHTSA)


Oregon official who fined Christian bakery into shutting down loses election

Commissioner of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries Brad Avakian gained infamy when he fined a Christian bakery with $135,000 for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. The owners of the bakery, Aaron and Melissa Klein, turned down baking a cake to a lesbian couple as it would violate their Christian beliefs. Avakian claimed that the Klein’s refusal to bake the cake were not protected under the 1st Amendment, and labeled it illegal discrimination. The Klein’s were forced to shut down their bakery, and now operate solely online. Meanwhile, Avakian looked to move up in the state government by attempting to run for Secretary of State, claiming to use his office to come down hard on corporations with audits, use his governmental powers to protect the environment, and police workplace pay. Funny thing is that none of those things is what a secretary of state does. Avakian claimed that even though the office has never done these things before, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tried. So it was that Avakian ran as a big government candidate for the secretary of state position in the very blue state of Oregon and lost…. to a former state representative Dennis Richardson. Aside from being a Republican beating a Democrat out of office in Oregon, Richardson will be the first Republican voted into statewide office in 14 years. He won, despite being a noted social conservative who would audit public spending. Despite his positions, Richardson said that he would be a completely nonpartisan entity as a secretary of state. (The Blaze)


Good guy with a gun saves deputy from being beaten to death

In what has become an act of heroism, a passerby traveling down Interstate 75 on Monday morning happened upon trouble. Deputy First Class Dean Bardes was working a crash, when a man in a car flew by him on the shoulder going very fast. Bardes then gave chase at high speeds. After some time, both Bardes and the suspect exited their vehicle, and a fight ensued. The suspect ran toward Bardes and tackled him to the ground. Bardes began calling out for help as the suspect was on top of him, pummeling him. That was when a licensed conceal carry holder came to the rescue. According to Bardes, the man warned the suspect that if he did not stop, then he would be shot. The suspect didn’t comply, and the good samaritan shot the suspect three times. Emergency crews arrive later on scene, and attempted to administer CPR to save the man, but the suspect would later die of his wounds. One woman who witnessed the fight thought that the suspect was going to kill the officer. Officer Bardes suffered no lasting injuries, and was released from the hospital, all thanks to the armed passerby. (WINK TV)


Digging Your Own Grave?

A 90-year-old on Prince Edward Island, Canada, has been digging for a living for most of his life — mostly trenches for sewer mains and underground utility wires. Jimmy Kickham says, “I love digging.” So it should come as no surprise that Kickham decided to dig his own grave. Kickham’s not expecting to die any time soon. It’s just that, one day he was digging graves and I figured if he lived to 90 he’d dig his own. He turns 90 this week. (CBC)


Making Today Count Because It’s:

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