Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Florida State University just banned Greek life

The move came after a freshman pledge died on Friday (11/3). He was found unresponsive the morning after a house party, and police say that alcohol might have been involved. Then this past Monday (11/6), another FSU frat member was arrested for selling cocaine. The two incidents prompted the university to pull the cord and FSU’s president says that a “new normal for Greek life” is needed if they’re going to bring Greek back. (New York Times)


South Africa’s Church of Drinking, Where God Worship and Alcohol Go Hand in Hand

“Praise the Lord and pass the libation” is the motto of an unorthodox church located near Johannesburg, South Africa. Gabola Church of International Ministries takes its name from the Tswana word for “drinking”, and it both allows and encourages members of the congregation to drink during service. The African continent is home to lots of unconventional churches and colorful preachers who employ all kinds of outlandish rituals to attract parishioners. The African continent is home to lots of unconventional churches and colorful preachers who employ all kinds of outlandish rituals to attract parishioners. However, Johannesburg’s Gabola Church is apparently the first to choose alcohol as its main theme. ( Daily Sun )


Texas shooter died from three gunshot wounds – none were from police

According to a press conference Monday (11/6), law enforcement authorities said that the heinous Texas shooter was discovered with three gunshot wounds, and none came at the hands of the police. This indicates the shooter was shot twice by a bystander, Stephen Willeford, who is being hailed by a hero for chasing him down, but then took his own life before police could arrive. Texas officials say the death toll stands at 26, and more is being uncovered about what could have motivated the massacre, including texts indicating that  there was a domestic dispute with the man’s mother-in-law, who worshiped at the church. A report also indicated that the Air Force failed to add the shooter’s name to a federal gun ban list, allowing him to buy guns when he should have been restricted. Authorities revealed that they had reason to believe that Sunday’s mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, carried out by Devin Kelley, stemmed from a domestic dispute. (The Blaze)


Man accused of stealing car, taking in movie in Georgia

Authorities in Morrow, Georgia, say a man accused of stealing a Maserati and driving it to a movie theater in Georgia has been arrested. The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office told news outlets Friday that 41-year-old Keithrick Williams is accused of driving the vehicle to an AMC theater in Morrow and parking it while he watched a movie. A Facebook post from the sheriff’s office says a deputy spotted the vehicle and radioed in for more deputies to join him. Authorities say Williams emerged from the theater and got into the car. He was arrested Thursday. Jail records show he was charged with theft by receiving stolen property and possessing a weapon during a crime. It’s unclear if Williams has a lawyer. (Yahoo)


Man Falls From Deer Stand, Breaks Back, Drives Home For Help 

Philip Martinson fell 14 feet out of his deer stand while getting ready for the opener. He broke his back and didn’t have a cellphone on him to call for help. Martinson has been a hunter, and a good one, his entire life — but even good hunters can develop bad habits. Last Friday (11/3), Martinson finished putting up his hanging deer stand, but when he stepped back to look at his work, he noticed something wrong.“There was a flip in the belt, and I was concerned that it would compromise the integrity, or the strength, of the belt,” he said. So he climbed back up without putting on his safety harness. He fixed what needed to be fixed, and that’s when his world turned upside down. “Next thing I know, I’m falling,” he said. “Boom, boom, two seconds and I’m on the ground. If I breathed, it hurt. If I moved, it hurt. So I stayed there a while and gathered my thoughts.” To make matters worse he didn’t have a cellphone to call for help. So Martinson crawled a painful 20 feet to his truck, pulled himself inside, and drove home in agonizing discomfort. His wife rushed him to the Hutchinson hospital before he was transferred him to Hennepin County Medical Center. His L-1 vertebrae was broken in three places. His doctor said “he’s extremely lucky, because when the spinal column is broken in both the front and the back, many patients become paralyzed or very weak in the lower extremities.”  Doctors said Martinson will have discomfort for three months before he fully heals. They also recommend that if you are putting up a deer stand, take a friend with you and bring your cellphone. (CBS Minnisota)


Despite waves of store closures over the past year, retailers are looking to fill a record number of job openings ahead of the holidays

According to the Labor Department, there were 650,000 open retail jobs in August (just below the record high in 2000); and thanks to October’s 4.1% unemployment rate, the number of workers available to fill these positions remains low. Now retailers are considering candidates they turned away in the past, and hoping to lure new workers through training programs and higher wages. (The Wall Street Journal)


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