Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The sun is disappearing, and you have only 10 months to prepare

Don’t say you weren’t warned: Aug. 21, 2017, may turn out to be the most popular vacation-day request in history, so you may want to get that time-off request in early. Why? Because on that date — for the first time in 99 years — a total eclipse of the sun will be visible across the United States, from sea to temporarily-not-shining sea. Millions of Americans will be in easy driving distance of a spectacle that has been called indescribable, unforgettable, even life-altering. The sun will disappear for about 2½ minutes, beginning in Oregon about 10:15 a.m. local time; the phenomenon will move eastward, ending an hour and a half later in South Carolina. In between, the eclipse will be visible from Grand Teton and the Great Smoky Mountains national parks, from St. Louis and Kansas City and Charleston, S.C., and all points in between. The last time a total eclipse was visible coast to coast was June 8, 1918, and it was front-page news nationwide. (Washington Post)


Florida woman explodes car wash vacuum by using it on gasoline

Security cameras at a car wash in Titusville, Florida, captured the moment a vacuum exploded while a woman was using it to clean gasoline from the trunk of her car. Billy Barnwell, owner of Shuttle Car Wash, said his surveillance camera captured the moment the vacuum exploded in flames while a woman was using it to suck up the gasoline that apparently spilled in the trunk of her car. The woman, who did not appear to be injured in the explosion, drove off without speaking to employees about the blast, nor has she been seen at the station since the incident. In case you are wondering, the vacuum will cost an estimated $500 to repair. (WKMG TV)


Chinese Restaurant Adopts “Pay What You Want” Policy, Loses $15,000 in a Week

A naive restaurant owner in Guiyang, China, who thought that appealing to people’s inherent goodness would be a good way to attract customers to his new karst cave-themed restaurant, managed to lose over $15,000 in just seven days. The man and his two business partners did the math, and decided that promoting their new restaurant by applying the now-famous “pay what you want” policy would be a good idea. Choosing to ignore the disastrous experiences of other restaurant owners who allowed customers to pay what they wanted for the food, the three simply assumed that the vast majority of customers would be rational and fair. The news that they could order as many dishes as they liked and pay whatever they wanted for them attracted lots of customers, but many of them paid only 10% of the cost of their meal, while a few even dared to leave just 15 cents on the table. In just seven days, the restaurant had incurred losses of over $15,000 and the promotion fell apart. Following the disastrous result, the three owners got into a serious argument and one of them left the city, vowing never to return again. (Oddity Central)


Man Tripping On LSD Saves Dog From Imagined House Blaze

A man bravely broke into his neighbor’s blazing home to save their trapped dog recently. Michael Orchard fled the burning property in Halfmoon, New York, with the bewildered pup and tenderly cradled it in his arms while resting on the front lawn. Or, at least that’s what the 43-year-old thought happened. State Troopers said Orchard was actually tripping on a potent mixture of LSD and cough syrup. There was no blaze and the entire house-fire scenario was just a result of his hallucinations. “He believed that the residence was on fire and he was rescuing the dog,” said Trooper Mark Cepiel. Police arrested Orchard and charged him with third-degree criminal mischief and second-degree burglary. Cepiel said Orchard won’t face drug charges, however, as he didn’t drive on the road and was not found carrying any illegal substances. Troopers described Orchard as “very cooperative” following his detention. He was arraigned in Halfmoon Court and remanded to Saratoga County Jail on $15,000 bail. The dog was uninjured in the incident. (Huffington Post)


Nigerian man with 97 wives says he is still ‘very much alive’

Nigeria’s most famous polygamist has denied rumors of his death, saying he is still “very much alive” at 92 years old, and plans to continue taking more wives. Mohammed Bello Abubakar is a controversial figure in the town of Bida, Niger state, where he has married more than 100 women in what he describes as a “divine” calling. The cleric has no discernible income, and has clashed in the past with the local Islamic authorities, who describe his larger-than-average household as a cult. He has outlived the majority of his 185 children, and says the latest rumor of his death was the work of unspecified “detractors”. A media report suggested he had died after a brief illness. (The Independent)


Ghost Pepper Puts Hole in Man’s Esophagus

The ghost pepper is one of the world’s hottest peppers, with a Scoville rating of more than a million. So it might follow that you shouldn’t ingest it in more than tiny quantities. And yet, there is an unusual case of a man who tore a hole in his esophagus after eating an incredibly hot ghost pepper. The 47-year-old American ate a burger topped with a “ghost pepper puree” as part of an eating contest. You can probably guess how this one went: The man started vomiting, profusely. He threw up so much, in fact, that he caused a tear to form in his esophagus—a rare condition known as Boerhaave syndrome (the condition has a high mortality rate). When his pain continued to get worse, the man called emergency responders. Doctors were able to diagnose the tear, and the man’s life was saved with emergency surgery. He spent 23 days in the hospital recovering from the incident—the costs of which we can safely assume far outweighed whatever the prize was in the eating contest. (Newser)


Today Is A Good Day Because It’s:

*Evaluate Your Life Day
*Hagfish Day  Link (3rd Wednesday)  
*Information Overload Day  Link (3rd Wednesday)
*International Print Day Link
*LGBT Center Awareness Day   (Used to be 9/15)
*Medical Assistants Recognition Day Link  (Wednesday of Third Full Week) 
*Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce   (3rd Wednesday)
*Unity Day Link


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