Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Humble Cop Touches Hearts With Selfless Gesture For Homeless Man

An Oregon cop’s spontaneous act of kindness is touching thousands of hearts. Officer Brent Gaither went above and beyond the call of duty to help out a homeless man who walked shoe-less into his North Bend police station on August 25th. After hearing how the man had walked 6 miles in just his socks so he could report the theft of his boots and other possessions the previous evening, Gaither went and bought him some new footwear from a nearby thrift store. He also treated him to a fresh pair of socks and a bedroll, all of which cost him around $8. What’s more, Gaither didn’t actually tell any of his colleagues about his good deed. It only came to light when dispatcher was reviewing the lobby’s surveillance footage and spotted him handing the boots over. She informed North Bend Police Chief, who proudly posted a screen grab of the incident to Facebook. Gaither, however, has played down his beautiful gesture by saying that his colleagues also do equally amazing things. (Huffington Post)


Father Kills 2-Year-Old While Attempting to Make His Gun ‘Safe’

A South Carolina father accidentally fired his gun while trying to make it “safe,” killing his 2-year-old daughter and injuring his 4-year-old daughter. The father was cleaning his gun on the family’s porch when it went off after he sat on it. While “attempting to make the weapon safe,” the 30-year-old father accidentally fired the gun, striking his hand and both his daughters in the upper body, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement. Two-year-old Heaven Miller died from the gunshot wound, the Sheriff said. Both the father and his four-year-old daughter suffered non-life threatening injuries. The Sheriff’s department is investigating the shooting as accidental. The girls’ pregnant mother was at the house during the shooting, the State reported. She was taken to the hospital but the baby was not born. (The State)


Buckle Up

In 2015, it’s been reported that 35,092 people died on American roads, a 7.2 percent jump from 2014 and the first increase in crash deaths in five years. Pedestrian and motorcyclist deaths are up. SUV crash deaths are up. Pickup truck crash deaths are up. What is shocking is that 48 percent of those killed in passenger vehicles—nearly 10,000 people—weren’t wearing a restraint when they died. According to the latest National Highway Safety Administration numbers collected by observers who creep on real-live drivers, 88.5 percent of drivers and front seat riders buckle up. That leftover 11.5 percent are most likely to be young men living in rural areas (especially the Midwest), driving pickup trucks. 

A small 2015 study recommended teaching ’em young, by praising (or reminding) a learning driver every time she does (or doesn’t) belt up. The study concluded that older drivers who are trying to form the habit will need to be patient and easy on themselves—it’s not simple work. Watch out, risk-loving young male pickup drivers of America. Science-powered habit formation techniques are coming for you. (Wired)


This $55,000 98-inch 8K TV is actually ‘cheap’

8K TVs are coming sooner than we thought…even if there’s no 8K content to watch on them. Samsung and LG both announced 98-inch 8K TVs at CES and now Changhong, a Chinese consumer electronics company, has one too. It’s one expensive screen, but compared to the $133,000 85-inch Sharp 8K TV released last year in Japan, it’s a whole lot cheaper. For the money, you’ll get an OLED screen for really deep black levels, increased brightness and higher contrast and a 7,680 x 4,320 resolution that has four times as many pixels as a 4K UHD TV. The 8K TV runs on Android, supports High Dynamic Range+ (HDR), and Dolby Digital Plus. (Mashable)


Bond Get’s The Man

The Federal Election Commission recently announced a $7,150 fine against a shady super PAC, known as “Americans Socially United”, that seemingly scammed nearly $50,000 from “James Bond” actor Daniel Craig as well as additional funds from scores of lesser-known donors. The super PAC was launched in 2015 to support Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, who had denounced super PACs during his primary bid against Hillary Clinton. It was operated by alleged fraudster Cary Lee Peterson, a self-described “congressional lobbyist and election campaign guru” who the FBI arrested earlier this year in connection with a securities fraud case.

The PAC failed to file a mandatory campaign finance report earlier this year that would have detailed its financial activity between July and December of last year. That’s the period during which Craig gave $47,300 to Americans Socially United. (Around the same time, Craig also donated the legal maximum of $2,700 to Sanders’ official campaign committee.) (Public Integrity)


Woman Charged With Child Abuse Uses Indiana Religious Freedom Law As Defense

An Indiana woman charged with child abuse is citing the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act in her defense, arguing that her religious beliefs allow her to discipline her child as she sees fit, free from government interference. The case shines an uncomfortable spotlight on the controversial law, which was signed last year by Donald Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R). Kin Park Thaing, 30, is facing felony abuse and neglect charges for beating her 7-year-old son with a coat hanger on February 3rd. Doctors found 36 bruises on the boy’s back, thigh and left arm, and a bruise on his cheek in the shape of a hanger hook. 

Thaing said she needed to stop her son from engaging in dangerous behavior that would have harmed his 3-year-old sister. She allegedly hit both children and told them to pray for forgiveness. Thaing also quoted the Bible in the documents, saying a parent who “spares the rod, spoils the child.” Thaing’s attorney also cited cultural differences in the defense, noting that Thaing is a Burmese refugee and said she is willing to adapt. The trial is set for October 19th. (Huffington Post)


First rule of filing DMCA takedown notices: Do not ask for your own site to be taken down. 

A recent DMCA copyright complaint to Google, filed on behalf of Warner Bros. by copyright protection company Vobile and first noticed by TorrentFreak, asks for two of Warner Bros.’ own websites to be taken down. Some other sites on the list, including Amazon, are also obviously listed in error. The sites in question are WB’s official sites for The Dark Knight and The Matrix. Vobile’s database “enables fully automated identification, tracking and management of any video and audio content with high accuracy and scalability,” according to its own site. (Mashable)


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