Changes Are Happening

    The tier levels will shrink down to three different options: 1) #TBJSPrePrep, 2) Pornaudiography News, and 3) PornAUDIOgraphy. These will still be available for our subscribers by La Carte or in a bundle. We know that presenters have a few main topics they want to share, but having #TBJSPrePrep is like having a safety net that includes a wide variety of topics to discuss. PornAUDIOgraphy are random audio bits and pieces we create and share with our subscribers. All three could be used for our subscribers if they choose the tier.  

     We hope this clears up any confusing you may be experiencing about our transition. We will post more updates as they are needed to when we will officially cutoff using Patreon to access our services. Thank you for your patience and look forward to serving you into the distant future.

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