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Pornaudiography News (Partner – Level 2)

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For only $15 per month!

If you are a Radio Personality, then you know that content is king when it comes to doing a show. If you do a show that needs “Late Breaking” news, “Celebrity Gossip”, or just something “off-beat”, this option makes a great addition to #TBJSPrePrep! This service is great for Air Personalities who need to have show prep in advance and current updates as they happen because we combine getting our daily showprep with to up-to-the minute updates as they get released from very reliable sources, ranging from mainstream media to independent 3rd party news. We try to offer a wide variety of sources without the opinions, bias, or slant. Why should you go all over the internet looking for information you can use when it can come to you in one place? You could benefit from #TBJSPornaudiographyNews service!

Subscribing to this will get you:

  • #TBJSPrePrep sent to your email and unlocked on our website,
  • #TBJSPrePrep access on our Patreon site
  • 24/7 365 Access to our News RSS Server,
  • Access to individual categories (“Off-beat News”, “National News”, “Lifestyle”, “Music”, ect… ) 
  • A username and password after signing up.

**In most areas, we may be able to add in your local / regional news.**

If you are serious about your on-air show, this is the service you need!

**Become a proud #TBJSPornaudiographyNews partner with this tier!**

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