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There’s a self-promotion gender gap

When it comes to talking up our performance at work, men are far more willing to boost themselves than women, according to research from Harvard researchers. In a study involving Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform, male participants gave themselves 33% higher marks on self-evaluations than women, even though average performance by men and women were about the same. What’s driving the difference? The researchers suggest it may come down to a perception among women that they may be penalized for promoting themselves. (Harvard Business Review)

What to do when you’re overthinking

On stressful days, an offhand remark or a curt message from a co-worker can easily set us into a spiral of negative thinking. This is especially the case for those who identify as highly sensitive. Thankfully, there are many ways to stop this kind of thought process in its tracks. One method recommended by some experts is the “rule of five.” When you’re overthinking, turn to your hand and list five alternative ways to view what’s going on. The method helps remind us that the worst interpretation of a situation is not the only interpretation out there. (HSPerson)


Massive 2,034-foot asteroid will zoom past Earth just after Christmas

A gigantic asteroid will zip past Earth just after Christmas, NASA reports. The massive space rock, which is known as 310442 (2000 CH59), will be closest to our planet on December 26 at 2:54 a.m. EST, according to NASA. The space agency’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) estimates its diameter will be in the range of 919 to 2,034 feet. At the higher end, that means it could be as large as One World Trade Center in New York City, which tops out at 1,792 feet, including the tip. The asteroid will travel past our planet at around 27,500 miles per hour. Although the giant rock will be close to Earth in astronomical terms, it will still be far enough away that we shouldn’t be worried. CH59 will be about 4.5 million miles from our planet the morning of December 26. (Fox News)


Ohio postal worker sold crack out of her mail truck

Police in Ashtabula, Ohio arrested a postal worker on drug charges for allegedly selling crack out of her mail truck on her route, officials said. The 52-year-old woman was arraigned on drug trafficking charges, according court records. The Crime Enforcement Agency of Ashtabula County commander said she was investigated for three months. She was taken to county jail when she was on her way to work at the Ashtabula post office. No additional drugs were found during a search of her residence. But authorities recovered evidence of drug sales, including scales and packaging materials. Additional charges against a second individual are pending. (US News)


Teen sneaks into small plane, drives it into fence

A 17-year-old girl was arrested last week after authorities say she sneaked into a small plane at an airport in central California and drove it into a chain-link fence. The teenager breached the fence of Fresno Yosemite International Airport, started up the plane and crashed it into a fence, airport spokeswoman said in a statement. Airport officials said officers found the teen in the pilot’s seat, wearing the pilot’s headset. No one was injured. No passenger planes were in danger, the spokeswoman said. The teen was arrested on suspicion of theft of an aircraft and booked into juvenile hall after officers finish questioning her. (The Fresno Bee)


Vermont Police Help Santa Out With Christmas-Themed Speed Radar

Santa sees you when you’re speeding, thanks to an assist from police in Vermont. The Chester Police Department shared photos this week of its Christmas-themed radar sign. The radar flashes green and says “NICE” for drivers obeying the 30 mph speed limit. But those dashing through the snow too quickly will get an angry red “NAUGHTY” message. “We received a request direct from the North Pole to remind everyone that Santa is still making his list and checking it twice, and to make sure to have a safe and happy holiday season!” police wrote on Facebook. The festive display is catching the eye of residents who are writing in the comments whether they’ve been naughty or nice. (Chester, VT Police Department)


A cancerous green slime was found oozing onto a Detroit highway

A green liquid was found oozing onto Interstate 696 in Detroit Friday (12/20), causing authorities to block off portions of the highway and call in federal agencies to investigate. By Saturday (12/21), it was discovered that the mysterious liquid was the chemical hexavalent chromium and was leaking from a local business. Hexavalent chromium is usually produced during industrial processes like plating and is known to cause cancer, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The chemical is harmful to the respiratory system, kidneys, liver, skin and eyes. The chemical was leaking from the basement of the local business, down into the ground and went into a drain that emptied out onto eastbound I-696, police tweeted. Had the liquid not been discovered, it could have ended up in Lake St. Clair, said the Macomb County public works commissioner. “The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicated that once the chemical came up thru the drain, it froze into a yellow blob,” police tweeted. “The plan to dispose of the chemical is to bring in a type of excavator, scoop up the frozen waste, and place it into a safe container.” Officials say it could take days to complete the cleanup process. (Detroit Free Press)


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