Wednesday, January 8, 2020

How streaming is hurting the planet

The data used to fuel our devices is damaging the environment at a pace that rivals the airline industry, according to some analysts. Streaming television and movies, as well as the coming demands of self-driving cars and other smart devices, will require huge amounts of electricity. Much of that comes from the servers they use, which need to be cooled. Computing alone could be using up over a 10th of global energy by 2030, according to calculations published in the International Journal of Green Technology. (CBC)


Palm reader told woman daughter was possessed, scammed her for $70,000, police say

A 37-year-old woman in Somerset, Massachusetts woman is accused of scamming another woman out of more than $70,000 by convincing the victim that her daughter was possessed by a demon. The palm reader was charged with larceny, obtaining property by trick and intimidation of a witness. The Somerset Police Department launched an investigation into the woman who owns Tracy’s Psychic Palm Reader, last month after a client reported that psychic tricked her into turning over “large sums of money.” Investigators discovered that the palm reader had told a client that her daughter was possessed and that cash and household items were required to “banish the spirit from her daughter,” police said. The mother ended up paying the psychic $71,000 and purchased her home goods like bedding and towels, authorities said. (NBC News)


Louisiana man allegedly put gun to son’s head for drinking last Dr. Pepper

A Monroe, Louisiana, man was arrested for allegedly holding a loaded handgun to his son’s head because the 9-year-old boy drank the last Dr. Pepper. Deputies arrested the 39-year-old man, according to an affidavit from the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office. Deputies wrote in the probable cause document that the incident allegedly took place December 28th, but they spoke with the victim and his mother on New Year’s Day when they came to the sheriff’s office to make a complaint. The boy told deputies that his father had a loaded gun with him when he entered the house. He said his father put the barrel of the gun up to his head because the dad was upset with him about drinking the last soda. The dad had reportedly been drinking alcohol before the incident. Investigators also spoke with his 11-year-old daughter, who was in the home at the time but did not hear the incident. She told them her dad admitted to her that he had put the gun to her younger brother’s head. Deputies arrested the dad at his home. According to the affidavit, he denied all allegations but allowed deputies to enter the home. They found a .32 caliber pistol in the nightstand by the bed. He was booked on charges of domestic abuse and child endangerment. The dad also faces an additional charge of violating a protective order against him. His bond was set at $125,000. (WBNS)


Someone Released Bedbugs In A Pennsylvania Walmart And Now Police Are Investigating

A Walmart store in Edinboro, Pennsylvania is facing a bedbug infestation after someone released the parasitic insects in a men’s changing room, state police said. A manager found a closed pill bottle with live bugs crawling inside and reported it to authorities, police said in a release. The bottle was found inside a boy’s jacket which was for sale. “We take this seriously and are looking into this,” a Walmart spokesperson said. “We are fully cooperating with law enforcement on their investigation.” The health safety company, Ecolab, confirmed that the insects were bedbugs. An Ecolab employee also reported seeing bedbugs crawling around the men’s changing rooms the same day, according to police. A Walmart employee later found a second closed pill bottle containing dead bedbugs in the men’s department, police said. State Police are investigating the matter and looking for the person or people responsible, they said. Bedbugs are “small, flat, parasitic insects” that survive by feeding off the blood of people and animals as they sleep, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They do not spread disease, but can leave itchy bite marks which may lead to an allergic reaction for some people. While extremely small, bedbugs can live for months without feeding. Bedbug infestations are also very expensive to fight. Professional extermination of bedbugs typically costs $200 to $1,500 per room and often fails. (CNN)


Utah man says he still has a McDonald’s burger he purchased in 1999

The man says he bought the burger on July 7, 1999, and kept the receipt to prove it. He initially purchased the burger for a presentation he made about enzymes and deterioration, but it ended up in the pocket of a coat he forgot about for years. He decided to check the condition of the burger this week and found it hadn’t changed much. “There it is. My gosh. It hasn’t changed,” he said while unwrapping the burger. “The pickles, the only thing that’s disintegrated.” The man isn’t the only person who claims to have held onto a McDonald’s burger for several years. Two Australian men have displayed a McDonald’s hamburger they claim to have purchased in 1995. In November, Iceland celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the country’s last McDonald’s meal, which has been preserved under a bell jar and live-streamed to capture the decay (or lack thereof) of the hamburger and fries. (KUTV)


Indicted Oklahoma judge is removed from criminal trials

An Oklahoma County judge facing a felony charge of failing to file her state income tax returns has been removed from presiding over criminal trials. Judge Kendra Coleman was reassigned recently by Presiding Judge Ray C. Elliott to handle victim protective order requests and mental health cases. Judge Coleman is facing a felony charge for failing to pay state taxes in 2017, was admonished by the state Supreme Court for failing to pay her taxes and more than 60 parking tickets, and has been found in contempt by the Oklahoma Ethics Commission. Judge Coleman’s attorney has called the felony indictment “false on its face,” saying the taxes were eventually paid. The judge’s attorney has also said the contempt citation must be more specific about the allegations against her. (The Oklahoman)


Borden Dairy Co. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, becoming the second major dairy company to do so

The Dallas based company said in a press release it “intends to use the court process to pursue a financial restructuring designed to reduce its current debt load, maximize value and position the Company for long-term success.” The company will continue to operate normally as it pursues a financial restructuring process. The CEO of Borden Dairy Company said in a statement that rising costs of raw milk and market challenges led to the decision to file for bankruptcy. Analysts say the price of raw milk has risen up to 27% since January 2019 and is still expected to rise despite retail prices dropping. In addition to rising milk prices, consumers are also buying less dairy milk, opting instead for plant-based alternatives like soy, rice, oat and nut milk. (PR Newswire)


Men tried cashing in losing lottery ticket after altering numbers with glue, police say

Two men were arrested after trying to cash in fake lottery tickets, police said. Flowood, Mississippi police received a call from the Mississippi Lottery Corporation about two men trying to pass a fake lottery ticket. After speaking with officials, officers learned that the suspects presented a $100,000 ticket that had been altered by gluing the winning numbers on the ticket that matched the prize. The ticket was signed and presented to the commission for payment. Two men have been charged with conspiracy to commit-felony and uttering counterfeit instrument over $1,000. One of them was also charged with false ID information. The men are being held at the Rankin County Jail with no bond. (WLBT)


‘Honest mistake’ sets off alarm about US troops in Iraq

For a few tense hours earlier this week, the United States appeared to have announced that American troops were pulling out of Baghdad after nearly 17 years. Turns out, it was just an “honest mistake.” The bungled message started when a draft letter from Marine Brig. Gen. William Seely began circulating on social media. Addressed to an official at the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, the letter said U.S. troops would be “repositioning forces” to prepare for “onward movement.” The “order” was a reference to the Iraqi parliament’s vote over the weekend to expel U.S. troops after an American drone attack killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad. A flurry of news reports followed the letter, saying the United States was ending its military presence in Iraq. But after a few hours of denials and frantic phone calls, top Pentagon leaders tried to do damage control, stating flatly that the U.S. had no plans to leave and saying the letter was a poorly worded draft that never should have gone out. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said the U.S. has been re-positioning troops, largely due to increased security threats from Iran. The letter was meant to coordinate with the Iraqi military on an increase in U.S. helicopter and troop movements as they shift positions around the country. It’s not entirely clear who leaked the letter. The draft was circulated to key Iraqi officials as part of a coordination process to let them know about the increased helicopter movements. Officials say it was first posted on the website of an Iranian-backed militia group. (Market Watch)


Vets seeing spike in pets eating marijuana, some side effects can be deadly

Oklahoma veterinarians said they’re seeing one to two cases of dogs eating marijuana edibles per week. They say pets eating pot is becoming an everyday thing in Oklahoma. So far, no dogs have died, but the symptoms can lead to death if untreated. Many of the times, the dog will go lay down and kind of go to sleep, then next thing you know, they’re in too deep of a sleep. Their heart rate is decreasing. A couple dogs come in with heart rates in 40 [or] 30 beats per minute, which can be fatal. Most of the time, the dog’s body can’t function normally when they eat marijuana. Over the next three to five years, research should provide a better understanding of what is the safest option when it comes to marijuana and dogs. (KTUL)


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