Friday April 17, 2020

Woman arrested after stealing news van with reporter inside, police say

Atlanta police say they have arrested a pregnant woman for stealing a news van with a reporter who was also pregnant inside. Atlanta Police along with a local TV news reporter and photographer were investigating a car crash in northwest Atlanta when the crime happened. When the photographer got out of the van to set up his camera, police said 38-year-old woman, who involved in the original crash, jumped into the news van and drove away. The reporter was still in the back of the van editing video when it all happened. As soon as she noticed what was going on, police said the reporter shouted for help. Officers got into their cars and followed the stolen van. The reporter inside tried to make the woman stop, and pull over the suspect wouldn’t do that. Authorities said, “She did the smart thing, got into her seat and put her seat belt on. The vehicle continued to this location where it crashed..” The pregnant reporter was not hurt. Police arrested the female suspect. She was taken to the hospital with an injured arm. It’s unclear if the injury was from the first or second crash. Officers said was acting strange at the scene, not knowing if she is emotionally disturbed or on intoxicants, drugs, something like that. Police said the female suspect will be charged with at least kidnapping with more charges likely to be filed. (WSBTV)


Inmate rips out his own eyeball in front of stunned correction officers

An inmate at Rikers Island gouged out his own eyeball in a gruesome episode. The inmate, who was housed at the Anna M. Kross Center, ripped out his left eye as a group of horrified correction officers screamed at him to stop, sources said. They rushed in to grab his upper body, held him on a gurney, and guided him to the prison clinic for mental health observation, sources said. The inmate, still had his eye attached by his optic nerve, and doctors were able to put it back in, one source said. But he somehow grabbed an item, possibly a plastic spoon, and ripped the eye out again, the source said. Officials and medical staff were able to work on the injury, but it is unknown the extent of the damage nor the reasoning behind the event. (New York Daily News)


Social Media Data Suggests COVID-19 Isolation Inspires More Nude Photos

According to a new study, you’ve so far managed to increase use of the egg plant and peach emojis while ramping up the proliferation of nude photos cross social media. New data provided from private social media management firm Khoros shows that tech-savvy singles are tweeting the terms “nudes” and “dick pics” alongside the term “Coronavirus” at a pace 384% higher than just 30 days ago. Along similar, if more artistic lines, use of the peach and eggplant emojis (common symbolic representations of female and male genitalia, respectively) continue to rise into April, with the peach seeing its tree shaken at a 46% higher clip. Stats also reveal the smuttier aspects of social distancing are not driven by pesky toxic masculinity alone. Some 45% of females on Twitter say they’re just as interested in sending and receiving nude photos or talking about hooking up as men. According to a Research Fellow at the Kinsey Institute and’s Scientific Advisor, the social repression of self-isolation and quarantine can lead to more sexually aggressive behavior via social media as a sort of virtual pressure valve. It’s believed the rise in internet sexual expression to three factors:

  1. A rise in sexual arousal due to stress.
  2. The safety of sexual self-expression on the Internet because no one will be meeting in public.
  3. The time men and women now have to express their sexual desires.

Experts believe that in general quarantine adds stress. That intents to trigger the ‘fight or flight’ response. This elevates testosterone in both men and women, and elevated testosterone then triggers the production of norepinephrine and epinephrine, natural stimulants that produce energy, focus, motivation and sexual arousal. They aren’t surprised there are increasing sexual feelings and sexual expression, adding that the only place where men and women can express their sexuality at this time of quarantine is on the Internet. The researchers are particularly interested in the fact that women are expressing their sexuality almost as avidly as men. (Forbes)


— WARNING: Some people may find this story offensive —

Utah mother selling social distancing penis face masks raises $56K for non-profit, so far

When people tell Utah mother Mindy Vincent that her face mask has penises on it, she “kindly lets them know this is how I determine they are too close, kindly back the f*** up.” That’s what she said in a Facebook post featuring a selfie with her mask. It quickly went viral with more than 413, 000 shares. The Utah mother selling social distancing penis face masks raises $56K for charity… so far. It’s her creative way to keep people at a safe distance — far enough away to not notice the penises on her face mask. Folks from across the country were reaching out to her to see how they can get their own penis mask. That’s when her son came up with the idea to sell the masks and donate all proceeds to the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition (UHRC). Masks are selling for $20. There are also designs featuring flying penises, breasts, and vaginas. She’s sold 5,400 masks and that she has enough material to make 19,000 total masks, which she and others are working furiously to make. (KUTV)


Boeing dealt another blow

Boeing in March saw its biggest monthly jump in jetliner cancellations in decades as the coronavirus pandemic roils the global travel industry. Customers cancelled 150 orders of the grounded jets last month, with delays also keeping the 737 MAX out of service as the planemaker works with regulators to clear its best-seller by midyear. While Boeing and rival Airbus still have orders for almost 13,000 planes from recent years, both are expected to suffer as some airline customers face collapse. (The Washington Post)


How bad will the recession be?

The world will likely face its worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, with the global economy contracting by 3% this year, according to a forecast from The International Monetary Fund. The IMF’s new figures come in light of the COVID pandemic and unprecedented lockdown measures, and compare with expectations for a 3.3% GDP expansion back in January. Goldman Sachs separately estimated that advanced economies will shrink about 35% this quarter, — four times the 2008 financial crisis record — while JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo warned of a big contraction.


Deal agreed for $25B airline bailout

The federal government has made an “in principle” agreement to provide the nation’s major airlines with a $25 billion payout. The deal is designed to support the beleaguered industry, which has been decimated by the coronavirus pandemic, by helping to pay its workers. Alaska, Allegiant, American, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, JetBlue, United, SkyWest and Southwest have signed on to the scheme. According to one industry group, as of last week, U.S. carriers had parked 2,200 aircraft and passenger volume had plunged 95% from a year ago. (The New York Times)


Stores, factories slammed by virus

U.S. retail sales dropped a record 8.7% in March, the most since records began three decades ago, as stores closed to stem the spread of the coronavirus and newly unemployed Americans cut back on spending. That news, along with reports showing the biggest drop in industrial output since 1946 and more steep profit declines at big banks, combined to push stock markets down around the world. (Yahoo News)


Woman attacks customer at supermarket over allegedly not following social distancing rules

A woman began attacking other customers and employees at a grocery store, reportedly over social distancing rules, video shows. In the two-and-a-half-minute clip, the agitated woman is seen arguing with a man who claims to be the owner of the Medina Superstore in Birmingham, England, over a person who was allegedly not following proper social distancing rules. The woman can be heard questioning the owner of the U.K. store as to why he has “a worker like that,” mistaking the customer who was not abiding by social distancing as an employee of the store. The argument then turns violent, as the woman lunges forward and begins swinging. Eventually, a bystander appears to try and break up the fight, which has grown to involve several customers. The woman reportedly become upset when a male customer was standing in her way, talking to another person. The woman started shouting about social distancing and got angry. She then left the store but then came back. As to what sparked the fight, the Medina employee believes the final straw came after the woman saw someone recording, which may have prompted her to become violent after an employee tried explaining the woman was kicked out of the store to keep merchandise and other customers safe. The woman later called the store to apologize, officials say. (Express UK)


A man in Cork, Ireland, has been projecting films on the side of a house so that his neighbors can enjoy classic movies during the coronavirus lockdown

So far, the homeowner has projected “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” a 1953 musical comedy starring Marilyn Monroe and “Calamity Jane,” a wild west musical that was also released in 1953. While watching the images on the wall, the neighbors can hear the sound by tuning into an FM radio station. The owner has been collecting donations from neighbors and passing them on to an Irish charity called Age Action, which provides services for senior citizens. (RTE)


Florida officials said that WWE wrestling shows can go on during the coronavirus crisis because they are an “essential service”

Following discussions between Mayor Jerry L. Demings of Orange County, where WWE has facilities, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the state’s management service added “professional sports and media production with a national audience” to its list of essential services. The move effectively allows WWE to hold events, but only if they are not open to the public. The WWE said it plans to run several live shows a week without fans. (ESPN)


Survey says Americans now binge-watching eight hours a day while in quarantine

A survey of 2,000 Americans who have access to streaming services revealed not only that, but also that the average streaming user in this country has binge-watched three shows in the past week. That’s not surprising, considering three in four Americans say they’ve been watching more of such content since the pandemic began spreading. The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of the streaming platform Tubi, also revealed:

  • that 65% of parents have been allowing their kids to watch more TV while everyone’s in lockdown.
  • And though there are millions of hours of shows and movies online, most of us are watching the same stuff over and over: 56% of the respondents say they frequently re-watch a show instead of starting something new.
  • the average person in this country has access to four streaming services, with 38% admitting they frequently check out five or more.
  • Well, 42% admit they’ve shared or received a streaming service password from another person since the lockdown began. Two in five say they’ve used their ex’s passwords to do so.
  • Half of those polled say they’ve canceled a service once they’ve caught up on a must-watch show, while a third of respondents admitting to lying about having seen a show that everyone was talking about. (72 Point)


Maryland police remind residents to wear pants when going to mailbox

With residents shuttered because of stay-at-home orders during the coronavirus pandemic, casual dress is the norm. A Maryland police department is reminding residents not to be too casual. In a Facebook post, the Taneytown told residents to “Please remember to put pants on before leaving the house to check your mailbox.” It appears the post was directed at a specific person. “You know who you are,” the police department wrote on Facebook. “This is your final warning.” Keep your pants on next time. Please. (Taneytown, Maryland Police Department Facebook)



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