Friday, June 5, 2020

A cancel campaign has now been launched against the fast-food giant Wendy’s after the social media mobs on Twitter got word that a franchisee donated more than $400,000 to help Trump’s reelection

The CEO of Muy!, which franchises hundreds of Wendy’s, Taco Bells, and Pizza Huts, has been taking a beating on social media after a report about his political donations back in May. Now, those critical of the CEO’s donations are taking to Twitter, sharing their outrage and vowing to stop eating at Wendy’s in posts tagged with #WendysIsOverParty. (Fox News)


Correctional officer charged in protest hit, run

A now former Howard County, Indiana jail correctional officer who drove into a group of protesters during a Black Lives Matter gathering has now been charged in the incident. According to the Howard County Prosecutor’s Office, the 32-year-old woman from Kokomo, Indiana, was formerly charged with criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon, a Level 6 felony, disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, and leaving the scene of an accident, a misdemeanor. Her charges stem from an incident that occurred as the group of protesters were walking across a street and toward the park after marching through the streets of downtown Kokomo. According to eyewitness accounts and a video posted on social media, she was driving a silver truck before the crash occurred. While the group was walking across the street, witnesses said that she crossed the center line and bypassed the stopped vehicles in front of her, entered the intersection and eventually struck the crowd before fleeing the scene. According to a probable cause affidavit, she honked the horn at protesters before striking them. During her conversation with authorities at her residence, she told police that the protesters were “yelling and screaming at her and her children in the truck” and that she was “scared for her and her young children’s well being and quickly pulled away and left.” The incident injured a 24-year-old woman who sustained an injury to her arm and hand, according to police. According to court documents, the injured woman received those injuries after she grabbed onto the passenger side window of the truck as she was falling to the ground. A 17-year-old female also told police that she was also struck by the vehicle, and authorities stated that she appeared to suffer an injury to her knee. Jail records indicate that she surrendered to police and subsequently bonded out of the Howard County jail on a $10,000 cash bond with 10% allowed, having spent 28 minutes inside the facility before she was released on that bond. She resigned from her position with the jail as a result. (Kokomo Trbune)


A man charged after allegedly urinating in almond milk at a store

A Stoughton man is facing charges, including attempted poisoning, after he allegedly urinated in almond milk at a Stop & Shop in Brockton, Massachussettes. Along with the poisoning charge, the 34-year-old man is being charged with disorderly conduct and vandalizing property. A loss prevention worker at the Stop & Shop approached a Brockton officer working a detail there. The employee asked the officer if he could obtain the license plate number of a vehicle operated by a man who had just left the store. The officer was able to do so, and the loss prevention worker returned just as the vehicle drove away. “Hey, I think he peed in some milk,” the worker told the officer, according to the report. “When I asked [the worker] to explain further, he stated to the effect that [the suspect] had urinated into a container of almond milk and it was still warm to the touch.” The worker poured out some of the milk, and the officer said it looked like almond milk. The officer noted that he watched the surveillance footage, and said the suspect appeared to be “holding items near his groin area in a hidden manner and looking around as if to make sure no one was around,” the report said. “He then appears to place the items carefully back on the shelves toward the back, behind other items.” Authorities recovered several containers of almond milk and Bai juice drinks from the store. Those were sent off to a lab to check for fingerprints, while a container of almond milk was being sent away for a urine analysis, according to a police report. The man was arrested the following day at his residence. He said that he was at the supermarket the day before and bought oatmeal, but said he didn’t urinate in the milk. He pleaded not guilty to the charges during his arraignment via telephone in Brockton District Court. He was ordered to stay away from supermarkets and his next court date was set for August. (The Enterprise)


Scientists say they have found the cleanest air on Earth

Scientists believe they have identified the world’s cleanest air, free from particles caused by human activity, located over the Southern Ocean, which surrounds Antarctica. In a first-of-its-kind study of the bioaerosol composition of the Southern Ocean, researchers from Colorado State University identified an atmospheric region which remains unchanged by human activity. Researchers found that the boundary layer air, which feeds the lower clouds over the Southern Ocean, was free from aerosol particles produced by human activity including burning fossil fuels, planting certain crops, fertilizer production, and wastewater disposal, or transported from other countries around the world. Air pollution is caused by aerosols, which are solid and liquid particles and gases that are suspended in the air. Researchers decided to study what was in the air, and where it came from, using bacteria in the air as a diagnostic tool to infer the properties of the lower atmosphere. Air pollution is already a global public health crisis, and kills seven million people each year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Studies have shown that air pollution increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and lung cancer. More than 80% of people living in urban areas that monitor air pollution are exposed to air quality levels that exceed WHO guideline limits, the health organization said, and low and middle-income countries suffer from the highest exposures. However, as studies have shown, air pollution can cross geographical boundaries, and affect people hundreds of miles away from where it originated. (CNN)


Apple store looters won’t be able to use or sell stolen gadgets

Apple Store looters won’t be able to use or pawn demo items that have been stolen because they are fitted with software that prevents the devices from being restored to their factory settings. As people head out to protest peacefully or to riot in the streets, some opportunistic people have raided stores. But those who have taken home monitors, laptops, phones and watches from the display tables won’t get much good use out them. Apple Stores across the country have been looted including ones in Portland, Salt Lake City, and Washington DC, but many people who took advantage of the opportunity to grab merchandise amid crowds of demonstrators were unable to get into the highly-secured stock area. Much like purchased devices, stolen items are activation locked on iCloud. Devices are usually attached to toggles in store. However if they are ripped off, special software makes sure that Macs revert to their original state every time they reboot. Devices to not have the capability to set up passcode security and locking. The devices reportedly have a ‘software kill’ switch when they go out of range of a store. An iPhone goes into “Find My iPhone” mode and will ring until the battery dies. The device will reset when powered off and then plugged in. (9 News)


Denver police officer fired for “Let’s start a riot” post during George Floyd protest

A Denver police officer was fired earlier this week for posting a photo of himself and two other officers in tactical gear with the caption “Let’s start a riot” in the middle of demonstrations over the killing of George Floyd. He was fired for violating the department’s social media policy. He was terminated just a day after an internal affairs investigation was launched. The department’s social media policy which bars officers from making posts that could impair the department’s “working relationships” or the performance of their duties. He joined the department in October after graduating from the department’s academy, but because he was a probationary employee, it allowed for a swift decision to fire him. The Denver Police Protective Association released a statement regarding the decision, which reads in part: “Today a young, probationary Denver Police officer was terminated for posting an inflammatory, insensitive, and quite frankly, misguided photograph on social media… For the other 1,600 Denver Police officers who are left dealing with a very difficult situation, we ask the public, as well as elected City officials, to stop using social media to fan the flames of hatred.” (CBS Denver)


The Justice Department has given the Drug Enforcement Agency the power to conduct “covert surveillance” on people protesting for racial equality

Although by statute, DEA can only investigate drug crimes, according to an official memo, it has now been allowed to investigate “any federal crime committed as a result of protests over the death of George Floyd.” The memo states that DEA agents can interview, search, and arrest protesters. The decision comes as President Trump has threatened to send soldiers to stamp out violence – something that hasn’t happen since 1992, when the army was deployed to quell riots over the killing of Rodney King. (Buzz Feed)


Suspected Looter Was Kneeling and Had a Hammer, Not a Gun, When Fatally Shot By Vallejo Police

A police shooting may provide a dangerous new spark to a community already on edge. It was revealed that a Hispanic man was kneeling when a Vallejo, California police officer shot and killed him. The shooting happened earlier this week as police tried to stop looters at a Walgreens after an hours-long crime spree. The updates comes after two nights of violence and destruction in the city. Some people fear this could cause even more violence in the Solano County city, while others are begging the community to protest, but do so peacefully. (NBC Bay Area)


Autopsy report shows George Floyd had tested positive for COVID-19

A full autopsy of George Floyd, the handcuffed black man who died after being restrained by Minneapolis, Minnesota police, was released recently and provides several clinical details, including that Floyd had previously tested positive for COVID-19. The 20-page report released by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office came with the family’s permission and after the coroner’s office released summary findings Monday that Floyd had a heart attack while being restrained by officers, and classified his May 25 death as a homicide. Bystander video showing Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pressing his knee on Floyd’s neck, ignoring Floyd’s “I can’t breathe” cries until he eventually stopped moving, has sparked nationwide protests, some violent. The report by Chief Medical Examiner Andrew Baker spelled out clinical details, including that Floyd had tested positive for COVID-19 on April 3 but appeared asymptomatic. The report also noted Floyd’s lungs appeared healthy but he had some narrowing of arteries in the heart. The county’s earlier summary report had listed fentanyl intoxication and recent methamphetamine use under “other significant conditions” but not under “cause of death.” The full report’s footnotes noted that signs of fentanyl toxicity can include “severe respiratory depression” and seizures. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison upgraded charges against Chauvin to 2nd-degree murder, and also charged the three other officers on the scene with aiding and abetting. Floyd family attorney earlier decried the official autopsy as described in the original complaint against Chauvin for ruling out asphyxia. An autopsy commissioned by the Floyd family concluded that he died of asphyxiation due to neck and back compression. (The Columbus Dispatch)


Researchers develop mole-type drilling robot for exploration of underground resources

Researchers have developed a drilling robot for the exploration of underground resources by mimicking characteristics of moles, known for their pointy snouts and digging abilities. The robot called “Mole-bot” can do a one-stop job quicker than existing drilling equipment and causes no environmental pollution. The Korea Testing Laboratory’s assessment showed a rolling speed of 1.46 meters per hour and an estimated error of 0.4 degrees in direction angle, the institute said. The speed was three times higher than existing excavation equipment and the direction angle performance is six times higher. Mole-bot can replace traditional underground drilling equipment that requires drilling machines, pipelines and pumps. Abrasives and oil used in hydraulic equipment have raised concerns about pollution. Mole-bot, which is 25 centimeters in diameter and 84 cm in length, weighs about 26 kilograms. (Aju Daily)


Anna Rose Becomes The First Person With Down Syndrome To Graduate From Rowan University

Anna Rose Rubright is a member of Rowan University’s Class of 2020. She is the college’s first graduate who has Down syndrome. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in radio, television and film and a minor in journalism with a 3.426 GPA. Her mother said “when she decides to do something, she goes all the way. She wanted to go to college like her friends and she wanted to make that dream a reality, so she did.” Rowan University says students like Anna Rose are held to the same standard as every other student. “None of the courses for Anna Rose or other students with disabilities are ‘watered down.’ The standards are not lower,” said the director for the academic success center and disability resources at Rowan. “They have the same expectations to complete and pass the course.” College students with disabilities are more likely to drop out of school, and only 34 percent complete a four-year program, according to experts. “There were times when I watched her frustration, I watched her struggle, and I said to her ‘you have an associates degree, you can be done if you want, you’ve already done so much,” her mom said. “But she just wouldn’t quit.” And now that she has her degree, Anna Rose wants to be an entrepreneur. She’s in the process of establishing her own production company. (Sunny Skyz)


37 children injured in a knife attack at elementary school in China

An attacker with a knife injured 37 children and two adults at an elementary school in southern China yesterday (6/4), according to a local government statement. The attack, which took place in Cangwu county in the southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, saw all 39 victims hospitalized, though none were in a serious condition. The 37 children, were “slightly injured” while the two adults had more severe wounds. The police have detained a single suspect. The attacker was a security guard at the school. The children who attend this elementary school are between 6 and 12 years of age. Knife attacks in China, especially at schools, are not uncommon, with a number of similar attacks taking place in recent years. (CNN)


Delta caps seating capacity

Delta Airlines will restrict its flights to 60% capacity and block middle seat access until the end of September. Although overall passenger numbers have plummeted in recent months, passengers have been startled to find some flights on United and American Airlines completely full, with social distancing increasingly difficult to maintain. Debate has continued to percolate around whether flying during the pandemic is safe and responsible, with airlines such as Qatar Airways asking crews to wear full body suits. (One Mile At A Time)


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