Concerning TBJS Radio Network….

 TBJS Radio Network listeners,     As you may know, we have been experiencing technical difficulties beyond our control with our websites (,, and Our web host has assured us that they are doing everything they can to restore them back ASAP. Unfortunately, they can’t give us an estimate as to when the sites will be back online. Nor will be we able to check and reply to our emails. This was an unforeseen event that caused the problem and everything is being done to make sure it gets fixed.

      However, this should not keep you from listening as we have a lot of affiliates / services who carry our programming. You can can go to, use the TBJS Radio Network app, or listen using your Roku device! Add us to your channel lineup by going to

       Our partnerships will NOT be affected by this! If you have signed up to be a partner, you can go to either one of our patreon sites ( or and still receive the services in which you signed up for. We have been uploading our audio files and show prep onto those sites.       We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, but please hang with us and as soon as we find out anything, you will know. 

    To reiterate, TBJS Radio Network has NOT gone off the air and we have no plans on shutting down. This is not in our planned schedule of changes. We have have been working hard on expanding and creating more services / features that will benefit our partners (#TBJSPayolaPlayers, #TBJSDrivewayListeners, #TBJSDedicatedPatron, #TBJSIndiePro, #TBJSVoiceProd, #TBJSPrePrep, or #TBJSPornaudiography) and we are not done yet! 

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